A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, & shows the way.- John C. Maxwell.

This very saying was the core principle of late Shri. Vinod G. Asrani, who with a heart of gold conceived THE SAFAL GROUP on the 18th of September, 1994. A thorough gentleman & a kind hearted humanitarian, Shri Vinod Asrani propelled the growth of The Safal Group in the real estate segment with the mantra “Give your customers a space to live their dream”.This humanitarian quality of his won him many hearts in his entire life and till now he is known as a man who had the vision to give everyone a home where one could live a life they always dreamt off. He was that captain, who would not desert his ship in rough weather, rather will sail his ship through it & emerge a true leader. He continues to be a virtual lighthouse.

A leader is one who takes everybody together & marches towards excellence.
Smt Manju Asrani along with Shri Vinod Asrani embarked on the journey of The Safal Group. A pillar of the family & a business partner, she handled behind the scene operations of The Safal Group. With her intelligence she supported the young blood to come into the team and also took major decisions for the company’s benefit.

The eldest son of Shri Vinod G Asrani, Sanjay Asrani has taken guard at The Safal Group. With leadership qualities in his dna, Sanjay Asrani is an icon of principles, endurance & success. He embodies the rich heritage of The Safal Group and has taken the responsibility to project the company at global horizons. He can foresee opportunities in the dark and has the courage to take the un-trodden path & the power to carve a success story for The Safal Group.He believes.....Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action lead by example.

Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it. - Henry Mintzberg

Shri. Varun Asrani believes in the saying “ Actions speak louder than words “ , signifies the quality of precision with swiftness. The youngest son of Shri Vinod Asrani, Varun has taken charge of Safal Group and its diversified businesses across various domains.Shri Varun has in him tremendous management skills which enable him to take apt decisions during every stage of company’s development.A proper blend of youth & experience with a "never say no" attitude sets Varun Asrani as an ideal inspiration within The Safal Group and for business associates especially entrepreneurs. A true leader in every sense Shri Varun promises to create assets which will for sure raise the groups standards at global levels.